პარტნიორთა მოძიება - უკრაინა Media Resources Management (FILM.UA Faculty Project)

უკრაინა Media Resources Management (FILM.UA Faculty Project)

Media Resources Management (FILM.UA Faculty Project)
Short description
Media Resources Management is Ukrainian media consulting company that offers its competent expertise and services in the sphere of media and production, established international media forum Kyiv Media Week (the biggest on CIS territory). Above that the company is developing educational programs, including FILM.UA Faculty project. FILM.UA Faculty is an educational center based on one of the biggest Eastern European film studio of complete film-production cycle FILM.UA Group, and includes workshops, master-classes, presentations and conferences in film, television and media directions. Our expertise covers the programs both for children and adults and include courses in filmmaking, scriptwriting, producing, directing, cinematography, funding and many more – all stages and production processes. We invite local and international practical experts to share their experience both with students who want to start the career in production business as well as the professionals who want to improve their skills.
One of our programs CINEMA KIDS unites projects for children and teenagers and includes such educational courses as:
Film Vacation (7-14 y. o.) -  one or two weeks’ courses during school break within which, children get the opportunity to film their own movies;
Actor’s School for Children – duration of the course is 9 months. Alumni participate in casting of the film studio projects.
Dubbing school for kids - kids are taught how to work with the voice, get the opportunity of dubbing a cartoon in professional dubbing studio.
Sunday Cinema Kids (8-15 y. o.) – one-day edutainment program, where participants can get to learn the basics of acting and scriptwriting, animation and editing, try themselves as the directors.
The workshops and master-classes for young professionals cover all the topics of content production starting from the idea and script to financing and distribution. Beside our own hand-out programs, we collaborate with the famous film schools such as New Your Film Academy and Vancouver Film School to bring up-to-date useful practical experience to our students.  
Among our partners are the leading production companies and TV channels of Ukraine, festivals and forums such as KYIV MEDIA WEEK, LINOLEUM International Contemporary Animation and Media Art Festival, DeKino Shorts Festival, “Shadows of Forgotten Ancestor. Exhibition”, which was shortlisted for European Excellence Awards 2017, Days of Creativity in Ukraine and many more. 
Contact details
Alla Prelovska alla.prelovska@mrm.ua
Lyubov Krokhmalna l.krokhmalna@mrm.ua
Film Education 

FILM.UA Faculty educational center (Kyiv, Ukraine) would be a good partner for international educational project. Due to our advantageous location and recognized position on the market, we can offer the following services to produce video materials after the program: film services starting from the rent of the film set to production of the films/animation/VR, rent of the film village set, which is located on the territory of film studio or its stages there, for performances, locations for exhibitions or installations, sets for events, festival or hackathons, the opportunity of holding the forums, partnership with local festivals etc.
Among other activities we can offer the following:
  • Conferences, film screenings in cinema hall (doubly digital), seminars, study-visits, cultural residence
  • Exchange programs, peer learning
  • Training and skills development activities
  • Development of a web-page, communication activities
  • Actions aiming at exchange of good practices, manuals, reports
  • Partnership and involvement of local schools and colleges
  • Experienced teachers on filmmaking
  • Translation or localization of educational materials (texts, videos, other content)
  • Production of educational materials (incl. transmedia projects)
  • Distribution of film educational projects 
  • Other 
Eastern and Western Europe 
Cultural Centre, University, relevant Museums, Educational Centers or initiatives, Festivals and Film Schools, digital distribution developers and others