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Starlight Entertainment
Short description
Entertainment company: produces theatrical performances, organizes festivals, concerts and other entertainment events.
Starlight Entertainment (SLE) is a subsidiary of the largest Ukrainian media group – Starlight Media. Starlight Entertainment was established in 2015 as a separate entity dedicated to producing quality entertaining multi-disciplinary projects. So far SLE produced several large-scale plays and organized several festivals, all of which were very successful with Ukrainian audience.
SLE operates a large team of in-house professionals: actors, performers, script-writers, choreographers, make-up artists, costume and set designers, etc. Our company also operates its own in-house fabrication studio and several venues across the country.
We’re currently trying to expand internationally. By joining Creative Europe program we’re hoping to find dependable partners for this and many other future projects.
Contact details
Yurii Makukha
International Development Department
Tel: +380969126423
Address: 1 Shevtsova St., Kyiv, Ukraine
Heritage, theatre, performance arts, dance, music, visual arts, audience development
Project: Mavka: the Forest Song
To produce an unforgettable and innovative high-tech musical drama that will utilize modern and uncommon visualization techniques: computer-controlled light shows, augmented reality effects and animated backdrops. Highly trained dancers, skilled actors and other highly trained personnel will be involved in production of this play in order to make it an unforgettable experience in terms of visual, aural and dramatic performances.
This theatrical performance will deal with such important issues:
- protecting environment: key elements of the play deal with relationship between people and their surrounding environment, and the impact human societies have on nature and endangered species, as well as society’s responsibility to protect nature;
- promoting cultural diversity, developing inter-cultural links: introducing European auditory to the culture and art of Eastern European nations while simultaneously promoting cultural links between actors and other participants partaking in the project;
- introducing innovative visualization and performance techniques: this theatrical performance will be accompanied with new innovative visual effects featuring light shows, animated scenery and complex choreographic and acrobatic feats.
With this project we aim to promote transnational circulation in the field of arts between Ukraine and other European countries in order to foster exchange of skills and to establish productive networks that would lay a foundation for future cooperation between all parties involved.
About this project: This play is based on the traditional Slavic folk tale of Mavka – the forest spirit. As this is a fully developed idea you can find its synopsis below:
“Since time immemorial, the vast Ukrainian forests have harbored countless secrets and unfathomable mysteries. They are home to wondrous mythical creatures dwelling among ancient trees, faithfully guarding their sacred realm.
Mavka is a magical sylvan nymph. Her primary mission is to protect the Forest and its sacrosanct Heart — the source of life itself — against any aggression or intrusion, including on the part of humans.
Lukash is an unassuming farm boy, who has a great love of music and pours his talent into playing the flute. It is largely thanks to Lukash’s music that a miracle takes place: Mavka and Lukash meet and fall in love.
From the start, their union is pitted against formidable odds, but the obstacles loom even larger once the avaricious Evilyn arrives on the scene and sets about building a sawmill at the edge of the Forest.
This serves as a façade to mask her true purpose: to get a hold of the Heart of the Forest — the key to which is Mavka herself, who is already rendered vulnerable by her blossoming feelings for Lukash. To get to Mavka, Evilyn wields Lukash as her weapon, and strikes anger and fear into the hearts of the villagers.
Will Mavka and Lukash be able to defend their feelings for each other? Will Mavka be able to save the forest and protect her love? Will each of the two young lovers from different worlds make the right choice?”
We hope to produce this play together with other European parties in order to present it on the European stage. That’s why we need your help.
Target group: everyone - from children to adults.
Activities: alongside the main theatrical performance we are planning to set up thematically related workshops, arts and crafts exhibitions, performances, all dealing with Slavic culture, arts, fashion and customs.
All European countries
All creative organisations who are active in fields: theatrical performance, choreography, visual performance, crafting, etc.
Partner, or lead partner