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უკრაინა Zaporizhzhya City Council

Department of Culture and Tourism of  Zaporizhzhya City Council
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Director of the Department of Culture and Tourism of the Municipal Council
Sergey Bilov (ojukraine@gmail.com) and
Chief Specialist for Protection of Cultural Heritage of the said Department
Pavlo Kravchuk (ppkravchuk@gmail.com)


During the International Scientific and Practical Conference "The versatility of the phenomena of Zaporizhzhya modernism and the school of Bauhaus.  Problems of Preserving the Modernist Heritage», which took place on 19-20 November 2017, leading researchers of the heritage of European modernism raised the issue on the restoration of the original architectural design of the Library as preconditions for the regeneration of the urban environment of the working village. Due to the return of this object to the characteristic properties of the architectural heritage, we obtain an extension of the historical series of objects of symbols of the Soviet avant-garde.
The total cost: 11,58 mln UAH (440,28 thousand USD)

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Heritage Fund, Cultural Centre, University, company
The Library at Socialist area is a laconic and expressive example of Soviet interwar architectural modernism. It was erected in 1930-1931 as part of the development of the residential base of the Dnipro Hydroelectric Power Plant and the Dneprocombine. The library was designed by Andrievsky, a member of the architectural brigade Dniprobud. It serves as the cultural and public center of the 6th Quarter of the capital's working village. Only this city block preserved the ensemble planning structure of the period of constructivist building (1929 - 1932). The architectural and artistic solution of the Library is based on the contrast of the semicircular and rectangular volumes, using the useful area of the flat roof.
Reconstruction of the Library is part of the project to restore the original urban environment of the 6th quarter. In a composite way, it completes the internal perspective and emphasizes the central-axial organization that is unusual for constructivist ensembles. Such a solution to the residential quarter should have demonstrated alternative approaches in urban design creativity of modernists in solving the problem of working resettlement. As we know, the idea of line building was very popular, the main popularizer of which were representatives of Weimar Germany.
In the postwar period, the external decision of the Library lost its distinctive character for avant-garde architecture. Some windows of the main semicircular facade were covered up, flat roof were replaced by a dome-shaped structure, the stairs to the recreational area were dismantled, etc.
The customer of the project for the reconstruction of the Library is Zaporizhzhya City Council in the person of the Department of Culture and Tourism. The executor of design works is LLC "AS-Project". The architects of the company, before the beginning of the work, carried out thorough historical and archival studies and tried to reproduce the original blueprints as accurately as possible in the design process.
The project of improvement includes:
-           dismantling of structures of the pitched roof;
-           installation of a flat roof, what will be partially exploited;
-           construction of superstructures and stairs for the organization of access to the exploited roof, etc.
The outer finishing of the walls of the building is decorative plaster.
Superstructure for access to the roof is designed from ceramic brick, overlap - reinforced concrete.  Stairs - iron, lined with wood.
The windows are provided for wood individual production, which correspond to the historical appearance.
The object of reconstruction - the library - is located in the Dniprovskyi district of Zaporizhzhya in the historic area "Sixth Settlement of Socialist City" on the inner quarter territory, limited by the Dobrolyubov str., Independent Ukraine str. and the Cathedral ave, and Metallurgists ave.