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უნგრეთი Municipality of Veszprém

Municipality of Veszprém
Short description
Veszprém is a city with county rights in the Central Transdanubian region of Hungary. The historical town which is the administrative center of Veszprém County called as the “Town of Queens” since during its more than 1000 year old history a number of queens seated in the city.
Veszprém has always played an important role as cultural, educational, religious and touristic center of its region. Owing to its historical past and its geographical location (from one side surrounded by the hills of Ba- kony, on the other side the Lake Balaton) the town has a diverse cultural life with great touristic potentials. The Municipality of Veszprém is there- fore devoted to support initiatives that aim to preserve and promote the cultural heritage and cultural diversity of the region. Moreover, Veszprém hosts one of the campuses of the University of Pannonia, the leading higher education institution of Central Transdanubia.
Besides, Veszprém is famous for its high-quality cultural-artistic festi- vals: VeszprémFest; Vivace International Choir Festival; Veszprém Fes- tive Music Festival; Gizella Days; Street Music Festival, "Spring Games" International Children's and Youth Art and Sport Festival, Cell-Cup Inter- national Handball and Cultural Festival, Kamera Hungária Television Festival, Pannonfíling Film Festival, English Language Drama Festival, Rosé, Rizling and Jazz Days; etc. To coordinate the artistic life of the city and the region, the City of Veszprém founded the House of Arts in 1993. The institution presents the works of contemporary artists and organizes every three years the so-called Spring Show, during which the introduc- tion of foreign artists also becomes possible. Veszprém applies for the European Capital of Culture 2023, together with the region of Lake Bala- ton. This unique approach offers many new opportunities and close coop- eration with the region.
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Dr. Tamás Józsa
Project Department, Chief of Cabinet tjozsa@gov.veszprem.hu
(please also cc internationaloffice@hetfa.hu)
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We are interested in projects mainly on the field of creative industry, but we are open for any type of co-operation.