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ფინეთი Association of Cultural Heritage Education

Association of Cultural Heritage Education
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We are the only (nationwide) NGO in Finland working actively on the field of heritage education. We work with intangible and tangible heritage as well as cultural landscapes and world heritage. We emphasize heritage as a valuable source for knowledge and future skills as well as for the wellbeing of young people and sustainable development of societies. Our mission is to foster cultural skills and the cultural rights and support the identity formation and active participation of children and youth in the heritage process. We take actively part in the policy making on culture, youth and educational sectors and manage several projects. We develop tools, produce material and organize training for the professionals. Our national network consists of Ministry of Educational and Culture, Minis-try of Environment, National Agency of Education, National Board of Antiquities, museums, archives, day care centers, schools, different or-ganizations and experts. Our European level networks include the Euro-pean Heritage Days -network and Europa Nostra.
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Cultural heritage, intercultural, education, pedagogy, youth, communication, digital
Proposed project “HERITAGE HUBS: Practical Classes in Exploring, Sharing and Practicing the Cultures of Ourselves and Others”
The proposed project would create opportunities for school children in a number of European countries to themselves select parts of their cultures (e.g. celebrations, daily routines and habits, handicrafts, cooking and other skills) for sharing with each other. How can pupils share their cultural prac-tices so that others can relate to and even practice them? And how would they understand, relate to and even practice the cultures of others? Ideally also the shared origins of cultures would be explored and highlighted. The project would create the possibilities for digital as well as direct sharing by creating an open digital platform and organising reciprocal visits for the pu-pils.

The proposed project includes a pedagogical study that would empirically analyse the project pupils’ cultural exchange, especially the processes of sharing our own culture, of relating to the cultures of others as well as of ex-periencing our own culture through others.

As a final outcome, the project focuses on the development of and dissemi-nation of powerful and ready at hand tools and methods for educational pro-fessionals and schools throughout Europe to enable integration of heritage, culture and intercultural dialogue and learning in everyday work.
1. Cultural organizations that collaborate at a national level with schools (ideally secondary school level, ages approx. 11–15), to support the identifi-cation and coordination of schools participating in the project;
2. A research organization for a study of the cultural exchange of the partici-pants (schools and pupils) including the processes of sharing our own cul-ture, of relating to the cultures of others as well as of experiencing our own culture through the (re)interpretation by others;
3. A European cultural network organization, to emphasize and strengthen European cooperation and communication within and beyond the proposed project.