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ფინეთი Association of Finnish Children’s Cultural Center

Association of Finnish Children’s Cultural Centers
Short description
Association advances the operation of professional cultural centers for children and adolescents in Finland. It promotes competence in the field of children’s culture as well as its visibility nationwide. As- sociation also promotes the implementation of international coop- eration projects and collaboration in children’s culture as well as cross-border networking of actors in the field. In international pro- jects, the main focus lies in the members’ professional develop- ment and adoption of new practices as well as sharing and making Finnish know-how more visible. We have 28 children’s centers as our members and they operate in more than 50 areas of culture and arts.

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Executive Director, 

Mr. Aleksi Valta, 
children’s culture and arts, cultural children’s centers, arts pedagogy, inclusion of culture and arts

Association of Finnish Children’s Cultural Centers is preparing a European project on children’s culture. We are interested in creat- ing new partnerships for the project and for long-term co-operation. We would highly appreciate all contacts with organizations working in children’s culture and arts, and culture education fields all over Europe.
As a co-ordinator of Creative Europe project we aim to set the model for European Children’s Cultural Centers. We are bringing to this project the best knowledge and models used in Finland for all of Europe to profit. Knowing that every country has its original cul- ture and structure, we are looking for partners that are ready to cre- ate national or regional models in practice, and take responsibility of their region in Europe. Together we will form a network of Euro- pean Children’s Cultural Centers.
Association of Finnish Children’s Centers’ key professional ele- ments: 17 years of working as a network in Finland, creating cul- tural education plans for cities and municipalities, +50 forms of cul- ture and arts by arts educators and /or artists, quality handbook in children’s culture, participation of children and youth in culture and arts, improving equality and knowledge of accessibility and diver- sity. Implementation of children’s cultural rights and cultural herit- age.

All eligible countries
All interested in the field of children’s culture

As a network, children’s cultural centers in Finland cover +50 forms of culture and arts that are operated by arts educators and /or art- ists. So anything related to development of our expertise is interest- ing. Also new innovations and sharing best practices in all areas of children’s culture.
Among others we are interested in sharing our know-how on creating cultural education plans, quality in children’s culture, parti- cipation of children and youth in culture and arts, improving equality and knowledge of accessibility and diversity. Inclusion in the field of arts and culture. Implementation of children’s cultural rights. Cultu- ral heritage.

We are hosting International Cildren’s Culture Forum and ENO meeting 30.9.-2.10.2019 in Tampere, Finland. Theme is Every- body’s business: Inclusion in Culture and Arts Education and Imple- mentation of Children’s Cultural Rights. During the forum we will host a workshop on co-operation in European projects in children’s culture and arts pedagogy.