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იტალია Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Pistoia e Pescia



Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Pistoia e Pescia

Short description
The Cassa di Risparmio di Pistoia e Pescia Foundation is a private no profit institution that pursue the solescope of social utility and promotion of economic and cultural development in the Province of Pistoia(Tuscany). It has been established in 1992 as a spin off from the Cassa di Risparmio di Pistoia e Pescia aimedto separate the original philanthropic activities of such institution from the banking business.
According to its triennial program and the relevant Italian laws, the Foundation mainly operates in sectors such as arts and cultural heritage, education, charity, local economic development and council housing by direct interventions or co-operations with other subjects, or financing of third party’s projects.

Contact details
Giuliana Ciancio mail: giulianaciancio@yahoo.it
Giovanna Crisafulli mail: giovanna@ex-voto.org


Performing arts, human and social studies, photo/video/journalism, storytelling, communication.

“Once upon a time, there will be…” is a large-scale cooperation project in the performing arts sector that intends to produce new artistic works thanks to the strong interaction between artists and citizens, second and third generations of immigrants, across cities and countries.
“Once upon a time, there will be…” intends to create a dialogue within the city (and therefore among communities living there, that often have not meaningful contacts between them) and, thereafter, a cooperation between cities of Europe using an interdisciplinary process that allows the creation of the new tales.
Fables and fairy tales have been identified as the literary genre to be adopted, investigated, divulged and rewritten in the course of the project. For ages tales have been the fire around which human communities have gathered, have spoken, have overcame fear, have depicted crucial phases of their history and reinforced their internal ties. The use of the archetypal and universal structural elements of fables and fairy tales, will constitute the starting point for a dialogue in the different local communities involved and, subsequently, the common ground for the exchange between cities.
We are intentioned to involve as partners: Universities, Theatres, Cultural Centers, Music and Dance groups and NGO.


All eligible countries for Creative Europe projects

Theatre, music, dance producers and performers, interdisciplinary cultural centers, universities, interested in investigating the changes occurring in our society and in European cities (focusing in particular on the relationship between old and new citizens) and in producing new works involving experiences and stories of non professionals.

Partners currently involved in the project are: Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Pitoia e Pescia (Italy), Teatro Il Funaro (Italy), Associazione Promusica (Italy) Fondazione Fitzcarraldo (Italy), University of Lille 3 (France), University of Granada (Spain), Brothers Forman (Czech Republic), Wilde & Vogel Figurentheater(Germany), Teatrul Ariel (Romania), University of Targu Mures (Romania), Tron Theatre (UK), Vanishing Point Theatre Company (UK)