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ხორვატია Dubrovnik Summer Festival

Dubrovnik Summer Festival
Short description
Dubrovnik Summer Festival is one of the oldest European festivals that annually, during 47 summer days (10 July – 25 August), presents rich and vibrant theatre, ballet, opera, classical music, jazz, visual arts, film and folklore program. Crucial for the success of the Festival is its longevity and continuously high artistic standard, but also the Festival’s concept, which makes it different from numerous others. Unlike the majority, the Dubrovnik Summer Festival doesn’t use open-air venues as mere visual attractions and only as sets. The space is decisive in creating a theatrical event, so the festival catalogue, during nearly seven decades of existence, comprises approximately 120 various venues! Festival believes that the City (including its residents) is a major co-creator of the Festival’s artistic product and that the artistic production is a matter of the deepest public interest. The Festival has been a member of the European Festivals Association since 1956.
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Theatre, performing arts, interdisciplinary

For the Creative Europe Programme in the category of small scale cooperation projects, the Dubrovnik Summer Festival searches partners for project dealing with European migrant crisis focusing on the countries on the Balkan Route, but also countries that were at some point experiencing migration of their own residents (economic, political, warfare migration, etc.). It’s an interdisciplinary project that will gather theatre directors, actors, dramaturges, play wrights, multimedia artist and visual artists together with citizens and non-citizens, their stories, experiences, visions, fantasmas, emerging from their refugee/migrant experience.
Greece, Macedonia, Serbia, Bulgaria, Hungary, Romania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Slovenia, Sweden, Italy, France, Germany…

Public institutions, NGOs, festivals, cultural centres or any similar organization with relevant experience.  
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