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ხორვატია Mediart International

Mediart International
Short description
Mediart International Association is actively involved in the realm of culture, art and international cooperation. The Association has been founded to primarily promote books, authors, literature and reading, as well as music, multimedia creativity and similar cultural segments. Thus far, Mediart International has successfully organized several international literary events; three editions of Zagreb Book Festival and five editions of Europea in the Backyard.
Zagreb Book Festival has been envisioned as a yearly literary and cultural event in Zagreb. The overall objective of the festival is to preserve literature, linguistic achievements and books as an artistic form of creativity. During its existence, Zagreb Book Festival has established numerous successful partnerships with domestic and foreign institutions. Due to the excellence ZBF has achieved over the years, the festival has become an innovative, international and quality brand. The strategic objective of ZBF is to offer innovative program formed of different formats of engagement of the participating guests. Moreover, one of the strategic objectives of the festival is to provoke its visitors through panel discussions, thereby inspiring them to be more inclusive and more tolerant members of society. The festival has been recognized as successful by the Europe for Festivals platform, gaining EFFE Label 2017-2018.
Europea in the Backyard is a festival whose main goal is to introduce reputable and well-received European authors to the Croatian readership by promoting their books on organized events. So far we have had the privilege of hosting approximately 100 foreign authors and more than 300 domestic authors, journalists and critics. 

Contact details
Address: Krvavi most 2, 10 000 Zagreb, Republic of Croatia
E-mail: petralj@yahoo.com, tea.zgbookfestival@gmail.com
Publishing, Literature, Engaged audience
Despite all of the efforts carried out by the European Union to promote gender equality in different realms of life, we are still witnessing unequal conditions for men and women around Europe. Inequality is evident in the gender pay gap, job descriptions for female and male workers that is almost exclusively favouring men over women, and work conditions that they encounter (maternity leave etc.). The gender inequality is also evident in the field that is considered to be more progressive and liberal; creativity and art. If one glances over the titles of recently published books and its authors as well as the nominees of literary awards, male dominance cannot be overlooked. Alongside with the aforementioned facts, with everything that has been going on in the world we can see that the gender equality has not been definitely achieved, but rather has to be reclaimed by each following generation as one of the main pillars of the European Union and its values. The overall objective of our project is to put the spotlight on women authors and their creativity, as well as their specific experiences in the field of European literature in order to expand the cleavage of equality and to empower women in art and literature. We would like to find partners that share that desire in order to cooperate on the project that would create engaged audience in the field of empowering female writers. We are equally willing to be a partner on somebody else’s project as we are willing to be the lead partner ourselves.
All eligible countries

Institutions with relevant previous experience.
We are looking for someone that recognizes us as potential project partner on their existing project idea, but we are also interested in being a lead partner for the institutions that are recognizing the quality and the relevance of our project.