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ხორვატია Public Cultural Institution “Fortress of Culture Šibenik”


Public Cultural Institution “Fortress of Culture Šibenik”

Short description
Public Cultural Institution Fortress of Culture Šibenik focuses on sustainable management and preservation of cultural heritage, namely the two revitalized fortresses in Šibenik – St. Michael’s Fortress (13th-15th c.) and Barone Fortress (17th c.). St. Michael’s Fortress with its new features (open-air stage, access to ground floor and basement structures, reconstructed walls) was reopened in 2014 and has since become one of the top cultural and tourist destinations of Croatia. Main attraction of Barone Fortress (opened in 2016) is an augmented reality (AR) platform, which enables visitors to experience the 17th-century Šibenik and relive the Ottoman attacks, and gastro-cultural centre promoting local products and SME’s. Both fortresses have won the Cultural Attraction of the Year award (St. Michael’s Fortress in 2014; Barone Fortress in 2016) by the Croatian Ministry of Tourism and Croatian Tourist Board; and have been shortlisted for European Heritage Label by the Croatian Ministry of Culture. The so far achieved results in managing the Fortresses in numbers are: over 185.000 visitors in 2016, around 5.000 Friends Club members (mostly local population), over 50 special events – concerts, ballets, opera, modern dance, movie nights, promotions, conferences, and workshops organized and hosted per season. Organization’s efforts are aimed at constant improvement of sustainable management of heritage, audience development, close cooperation with local community and improvement of visitor’s experience. The long-term programmatic plan is to contribute to economic and social well-being of citizens, and to be a best practice example of cultural management in the region. Institution was founded in 2016; prior to 2016 it was a department within the Šibenik City Museum. Employees within the management structure have participated in implementation of EU co-founded and international projects; they are educated on sustainable management of cultural heritage and familiarised with the latest technological innovations in cultural heritage presentation.

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Đurđa Vrljević Šarić, Department for cultural and historical heritage
Cultural heritage, fortifications, cultural tourism, innovation, sustainability, new technologies in heritage presentation, audience development, cultural management, cultural events organization, EYCH 2018

Within the context of the European Year of Cultural Heritage 2018; Fortress of Culture is looking to participate in a cooperation project with the aim of developing audience, improving accessibility of cultural monuments to general public, emphasizing common European values and history; promoting and rethinking innovative and sustainable ways of cultural heritage usage; creating new areas of public participation in cultural processes and activities; promoting cultural tourism routes… Due to program restrictions, Fortress of Culture Šibenik cannot be the Lead Partner in the project. We invite organisations which have the capacity and similar interests to contact us.
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