პარტნიორთა მოძიება - ჰოლანდია Sofia Dawoudi

ჰოლანდია Sofia Dawoudi

Sofia Dawoudi 
Short description
Co-founder of Annamarie Art Stichting www.annamarie-arts.com
A non-profit organisation for art that matters & the support of art in diaspora based in the Hague  
Contact details
Email: Annamarie.artstichting@gmail.com
Tell: 0031684642886
Art, culture, creative field, event, exhibition, festival 


(A demonstration of art for freedom) is a three days art and culture event, which will take a place in the Hague, and is  a continuation of Meet The Syrians exhibition series of three editions which has already started in Amsterdam 2017, and will move to other European cities .
This is a demonstration of art for freedom in a shape of an art and a cultural event, where many Dutch and European artists in their divers fields will join the artists of Meet The Syrians society, to create together a unique experience, an eye opener, a method in which the artists address the conscience of the viewer through art, to complete the path of the creatives before them, and stand for freedom of mind and soul, justice and human rights.
we are demonstrating, for justice, human rights and against all forms of suppression of freedoms
The artistic activities involved in this event are a digital/fine art & photography exhibition, a movie night and a music nights.100 Syrian, Dutch and European artists who share the same humanitarian values will participating in this event. Both professional and armatures.
The event has free entrance, and the art work will be offered for sale with a full proceed return to the artists.
we are demonstrating with art for freedom, we are standing against all forms of tyranny, injustice, suppression of freedom, and for those souls we have lost in one of the worst tragedies of the century.

MTS 2 is themed as a demonstration of art for freedom, that aims to strengthen the social network between the new commers and the locals with the most powerful international language, art, to give their work the chance to be joined, and to strengthen the understanding between them, as well, to support the artists financially and help the Syrian artists living in Europe  to go out of the European welfare system by introducing them to the creative labour market 
Through Meet The Syrians We are using culture and creativity to achieve further equality in the new European communities and solidarity across its diverse communities


UK, Germany, France, Spain, Belgium , Switzerland , Austria ,Sweden ,Italy
We are looking for partners that are active in the creative field,
( visual art, media, music, films….) both small and large scaled companies, enterprises, NGO’s, And other  organisations working across any art form, This includes higher education institutions, local authorities, social enterprises, and charities operating in the cultural and creative sectors.
As well those who are active in human rights and international justice 
To be our partners in their country of activities.
We are looking for active and effective partners, that can support us with: networking in their country-having a wide and deep knowledge of the artistic aspect in their country- establishing collaborative art and culture events