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ჰოლანდია Stichting de Wintertuin

Stichting de Wintertuin
Short description
Foundation de Wintertuin is situated in Nijmegen, The Netherlands. The goal of the foundation is to promote the literary culture (including the reading- and writing culture). The activities of the foundation aim to let the current literary culture be a vital and relevant part of the current cultural experience. Wintertuin attempts to realise its goal by means of organising festivals and events. Herewith the foundation focuses on presenting and programming the literary culture and other forms of art. Also, the foundation produces and develops cross-disciplinary productions, performances and events. Wintertuin provides production assignments and offers guidance to artists. In this way the foundation focuses on stimulating, developing, deepening and broadening the literary culture and other forms of art. Wintertuin is a literary production organisation where everything revolves around writing and (aspiring) writers. Wintertuin executes an array of activities and productions throughout the year: organising literary festivals, producing literary shows, conducting workshops, publishing books and coaching and representing young writers with their agency. Wintertuin’s productions are staged in theatres and museums and during festivals in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. Wintertuin is part of De Nieuwe Oost, the interdisciplinary production company based in the eastern Netherlands, which is part of the Dutch prestigious ‘cultural basic infrastructure’. De Nieuwe Oost scouts promising young theatre makers, choreographers, writers and musicians, and guides them towards an combined professional practice. Wintertuin coaches and educates talented writers in many different ways. It is also instrumental in the study Creative Writing at the Arnhem Art Academy ArtEZ.
Contact details
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Connecting Emerging Literary Artists (CELA) offers writing, publishing and marketing strategies for talented creators in a changing literary environment. This EU-funded cooperation project brings together 6 countries: Belgium, Italy, Portugal, Spain, The Netherlands and Romania, and 7 partners: Booktailors, Escuela de Escritores, Cinepub, Huis deBuren, Passa Porta, Pisa Book Festival and Wintertuin. (in its first edition, we are working now on a second application).
CELA is a unique programme, it gathers literary talents in various fields – from writing, to translating, to editing – to develop the careers of tomorrow’s internationally acknowledged authors and translators. CELA invests in a literary talent development infrastructure that bridges the gaps between literary talents, the publishing industry and the European public.
The purpose of CELA is to offer European context to a new generation of literary creators, to enable intensive cooperation between talented European writers, and to improve the sound of continental voices in a choir dominated by large singers.

A literary organisation in a broad sense, that can deliver at least writers and translators to participate in the project. It would be great if the organisation has an expertise in screenwriting or literary non-fiction.
We got the following tips from our Italian partner, but we do not know detailed information about these organisations. Maybe you could tell us more about these organisations?
1) https://www.czechlit.cz/en/czech-literary-centre/
2) http://www.svetknihy.cz/en/menu/
3) http://www.vaclavhavel-library.org/en/
4) http://www.kviff.com/en/homepage (this is the Film Festival)