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​საფრანგეთი Les Dissonances

Les Dissonances
Short description
Les Dissonances is a collective of musicians founded 12 years ago by the violinist David Grimal, which gathers international soloists, musicians from leading orchestras in Europe and young talents. In this kind of a creative lab, musicians experience music as a rediscovered joy and tackle the masterpieces of symphonic repertoire without conductor, in the spirit of chamber music. Les Dissonances is above all the common result of an ideal, a collaboration founded on the quest for excellence and sharing. The choice of a flat organization based on trust, mutual listening and co-optation of each member, raises the issue of a society in which everyone is focused on his aptitudes to reach an ambitious common goal.
Discover Les Dissonances in video : http://bit.ly/YoutubeLesDissonances
Contact details
Aurélia Gaudio / aurelia.gaudio@les-dissonances.eu
Marielle Cohen / marielle.cohen@les-dissonances.eu
Tel : +33 (0)6 20 57 41 90
Classical music
The orchestra exists not only as a beautiful reflection of a musical past, but as an unerring mirror of the current society. Thus, Les Dissonances can be considered the orchestra of the 21st century tackling the 19th century model. The artistic innovation brought by the collective aims to promote positive values for the classical world : dialogue first, democratic organization and a flat management which requires individual and collective responsibility to be enhanced. We believe that freedom gives creativity which is a key-value for empowering creators and nurturing creation. We are now engaged in Europe Créative program because we want to challenge this model at a European level with two possible issues :
- Working together with institutions (conservatories, concert halls, orchestras…) to create Les Dissonances Academy and give young talents the opportunity to experiment with Les Dissonances an alternative way of playing the music. This is part of an experimentation which aim to improve the classical field’s capacity to innovate and invent new approaches.
- Building bridges with professionals of other sectors engaged in artistic and collective projects to find out how this « CO » approach can be put into question.
We have potential partners in Romania, Germany and Spain and would find interesting to propose other partners to join the reflexion.
These partners can be universities of music and conservatories which question the musician’s background to become a professional and try to find ways to empower musician’s skills. Partners can be also concert halls or orchestras which intend to test the model for their own artistic development. We are interested in sharing our experience with artistic collective in other sectors (art, theatre, dance...) which question the place of individual within the collective and explore new governance models.